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At Smead Capital Management, we are stock market investors. Our clients are individual investors, advisors, family offices and institutional investors globally who invest with the firm through its mutual funds, separate accounts and other investment vehicles. We advise clients that fear stock market failure through a low turnover, differentiated, value discipline seeking wonderful companies to build wealth.

Eight investment Criteria

Our portfolio managers evaluate and purchase stocks based on the following Eight Investment Criteria:

Required over the entire holding period

1. Meets an economic need
2. Strong competitive advantage (wide moats or barriers to entry)
3. Long history of profitability and strong operating metrics
4. Generates high levels of free cash flow 
5. Available at a low price in relation to intrinsic value

Favored, but not required

6. Management’s history of shareholder friendliness
7. Strong balance sheet
8. Strong insider ownership (preferably with recent purchases)

Every company we own must satisfy the required criteria. For companies that do not also meet the favored criteria, we believe these short-term conditions will be ultimately corrected or overwhelmed by the required criteria.  

Sell Criteria

Companies are sold if they deviate significantly from these criteria or if their stock price becomes unreasonable due to dramatic price appreciation in relation to underlying fundamentals. When a security falls 15-20% from our purchase price or relative to a peer group, the portfolio managers execute a formal, intensified review.

Investment Strategies

Capital Appreciation Strategy

Portfolio Managers

William Smead

Tony Scherrer, CFA

Cole Smead, CFA

Strategy Seeks long-term capital appreciation through concentrated positions; it will maintain approximately 25-30 companies in the portfolio. This portfolio invests in U.S. large capitalization companies through the ownership of common stock.
Investment Objective Long-term Capital Appreciation
Inception of Strategy 2008

Strategy Literature

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